Five Steps to Empower & Liberate Your Life

We’ve combined our years of experience, knowledge, business acumen, and life coaching to develop a signature modality for change. Through our coaching, we’ve observed people’s lives transform before our very eyes. This has inspired us to create a systematic process that works in one-on-one coaching, business consulting and retreat settings. We've identified five key ingredients necessary for sustainable life change.


Remove blocks to freedom & happiness


Find your tribe & thrive 


Connect body, mind & spirit 


Awaken passion & creativity


Transform & flourish
This is not a quick-fix solution. Rather, this process is a brave and honest look at what is holding you back from living a more free and fulfilling life. Living with a greater sense of wellbeing is a lifelong process that requires commitment and consistent practices. With our BTF process you will learn new ways of living that will awaken you to your life-purpose, activate your creative abundance, and unlock your true potential.