Back to Freedom Retreats

Let's face it—making life changes is hard work. Most folks give up before they ever reach their desired goals and end up settling for something less than their personal best. We get it! That's why we've created BTF life coaching retreats. We've identified five key ingredients that support real, sustainable change. And, we've designed a transformational experience that will give you greater clarity and focus, leaving you invigorated and inspired. Our life coaching retreats are not a quick-fix solution. Rather, they are an opportunity to take a brave, honest look at your life and what is holding you back. In this way you can realize the life you deserve.

Women's Retreat

October 26 - 28, 2018
Mendocino, CA

Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating a Life You Love Living! 
Come Back to Freedom Women’s Retreat

Have you always had a burning desire to write a book, learn how to dance, lose weight, find the love of your life, be an artist, go back to school, start your own business, or serve a worthy cause? Come Back to Freedom Women’s Retreat is designed to help you navigate around the obstacles that are blocking you from fulfilling your dreams. Bring your unfinished business, your projects, and your dreams. We'll inspire you into action. In this highly interactive and experiential retreat, you will awaken and engage your creativity.
Where: Mendocino Coast
When: Friday, October 26, 2pm — Sunday, October 28 at 2pm
To Help You Prepare: Before the retreat, one of the BTF Life Coaches will conduct a one-hour coaching session with you to help you get the most out of this experience. We'll help you set your retreat goals and priorities so you get them most out of your time.

Make a Mind Shift

Time and location to be announced

Surrender to Success

Learn techniques and practices to help you experience a mind-shift. Move from feeling stuck and limited to a more open and expanded way of viewing your life and the world you live in. Clear away the mind-clutter and increase your ability to live in the here and now. Improve your relationships and communications by learning practices to increase your self-awareness.

Where: To be announced
When: To be announced
Pricing:  To be announced


"The retreat gave me tools..."

“I wanted to thank you so much for the lessons, tools, and friendship that I experienced over this very special weekend with a wonderful group of women that only YOU could put together. They have served me well as I begin the new year in a much better physical and emotional space than the previous one. I re-learned a lot about myself and the ways that I still find myself in those same old patterns. The retreat gave me tools to STOP and revisit my responses.”

"My life has been enriched..."

“It was wonderful meeting you all. I appreciated everyone opening their hearts and sharing their journeys. It was a blessing to get to know you, and I feel as if my life has been enriched forever as a result of the experience. Love & Light! ”

"We are enough..."

“It was a divine weekend for me, hanging out with all 'our little ones... we are so precious!!! WE ARE ENOUGH! I wanted to say thank you for giving of yourself, and facilitating in a deep emotional way… the energy was amazing!”'